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About us

“From the very beginning, the brand has the ambition to break the stylistic schemes of beachwear, thanks to an unconventional style, in the name of a bold and easy-going femininity. Our challenge was to break into a still very traditional market and bring it color, irony, a touch of madness and a veil of irreverence … “

“… Amorissimo has a marked and very distinctive style that makes it always recognizable through the various collections; in our opinion this represents a fundamental added value within an increasingly crowded market … “

“… the name had to enhance the full, decisive, explosive character of the brand and represent an absolute hymn to joy, beauty and Italian spirit. We had to choose a name that our foreign customers could pronounce not only with ease, but also with enthusiasm, a name that could enclose the Italian soul in its truest and most sincere meaning and that was the synthesis of a real emotional and sensory explosion; we wondered what were the words that foreigners like to say when they visit our country: the image that immediately came to mind is that of an American, a German, a Spaniard … who over a plate of pasta or to a breathtaking Tuscan landscape, use superlative adjectives such as Buonissimo, Bellissimo, with emphasis and enthusiasm. From there to the choice of the name Amorissimo the step is short … “

In an increasingly globalized market, in pursuit of profit and efficiencies at all costs, unfortunately there is often a stylistic and qualitative impoverishment of brands. Never as today the “Made in Italy” with what it represents in terms of attention, dedication, sartorial care, aptitude for beauty, takes on a precious and rare value. We are an Italian company and we pride ourselves on it, therefore we expect our products to live up to our pride … ” “… Surely we come from different worlds and we belong to two generations that are very distant in terms of age, culture and interests, but as regards Amorissimo, our project, we share the same perspectives and the same aspirations. Furthermore, this generation gap does not represent a barrier or a limit at all, but rather an added value and a booster.

Our different tastes, our different experiences and sensitivities manage to merge to give life to a surprising and very original stylistic mix. After all, it can be said that our strength lies precisely in our diversity. We love to define our unusual and authentic garments as the meeting of two generations, distant in age and culture, which together give rise to a product full of contrasts, combined in a harmonious and never banal way … ”

“… A woman does not choose a bikini just because she likes it, she chooses it above all for how it makes her feel.

Our ultimate goal is to make women feel more beautiful and when our clients confess to us that wearing Amorissimo actually makes them feel more beautiful, for us every time is a small but great reward … “

Barbara Bologna and Marta Attalla
Stylist Directors&Partners