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About us

Amorissimo is born in 2014, from the idea of his founder Mario Attalla and the inspiration of the two Stylists, Barbara Bologna (wife) and Marta Attalla (eldest daughter), with the objective of creating a new, disruptive beachwear concept.

The brand is characterized by an alternative design signature, strong and truly original; it has a wild, boho chic spirit with romantic notes and contaminations coming from journeys done around the world. A unique style which finds its best expression in the choice of peculiar fabrics and accessories, combined in an asymmetric yet surprisingly harmonious way, through the use of an exquisite workmanship. Each collection is conceived to be intergenerational and meet the taste of Amorissimo’s ideal woman: an uncommon woman, never obvious nor conformist, self-secure, looking for a product able to enhance her personality and femininity.

A woman who loves being surprised and to surprise with a veil of irony and a bit of foolishness, but without ostentation.

The evidence for this is the discretion of the brand on Amorissimo’s items, interpreted by a golden tag, as delicate as a piece of jewelry.

An important certification of Amorissimo’s quality is its being 100% Made in Italy, a distinctive valuable element that positions the brand in the premium market segment.

Amorissimo is a registered trademark, property of Baciami s.r.l., an interesting evidence of Italian female entrepreneurship.