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Splash Eco Capsule

Amorissimo loves the sea and all its creatures and wants to contribute to protect them from the plastic threat.
This is why it created Splash, a collection that plays a part in the achievement of a plastic free ocean.
It is made of Seaqual by over 50%, a regenerated polyester fiber coming from marine waste. For each kg of produced fiber one kg of plastic waste disappears from the oceans.
Seaqual offers the same properties and quality as a fiber realized from vergin polyester and its production process allows a reduction of 40% in terms  of water consumption, 50% in terms of energy and 60% as regard to CO2 emissions. 
It is a first step, tiny yet relevant, our contribution to oceans’ purification from plastic waste  that risks to suffocate them. Amorissimo, if you love the sea, you should respect it.